Solo Exhibition in May 2018


Solo Exhibition in May 1st-26th 2018, Tokyo: ‘Nature’s Precious Project’

My solo exhibition will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo, from 1st until 26th May 2018.  The exhibition title is ‘Nature’s Precious Project’.  Screen prints, laser-cut as well as original paper-cut artwork will be shown.

Nature’s Precious Project: Mari Wirth Solo Exhibition

from 1st to 26th May 2018 (8am-8pm, between Tuesday-Saturday)

at Pain au Sourire Gallery Space (Ground Floor, New-Aoyama Building, 1-4-6 Shibuya, Sibuya-Ku, Tokyo, #150-0002)

来たる5月1日より26日まで、東京渋谷のパン・オ・スリールさんのギャラリースペースにて、個展 Nature’s Precious Project(緑の国の物語)を開催する機会を頂きました。活動拠点の英国ウェールズより、作品を運んで展示いたします。皆さまにご高覧いただけると幸いです。


2 thoughts on “Solo Exhibition in May 2018

  1. Dear Mari exquisite delicate work if I were still teaching art I would be bringing my students to see your show. All the best with this endeavour Ursula President of the St David’s Society Japan


    1. Dear Ursula,
      I am very sorry for replying so late. Just I’ve found your heartwarming comment. Thank you so much! I still need to get used my website.
      My solo exhibition in Shibuya seems to be long time ago. It went very well. Now back in South East Wales, I’ve been busy with organising our own art and craft market and taking part in other fairs before Christmas.
      I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

      Best Wishes,

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