Workshops for Young People at Llantarnam Grange Art Centre

Criw Celf Programme organised by Llantarnam Grange in Cwmbran (April 2022)

I have done many art & craft workshops, but It was the ever first time to me to run a workshop, in which I introduced my art practice, paper-cut art. 

The workshops of this project offer young people who are enthusiastic about art.  

At first, I had feared letting people using sharp cutting knives until I was asked to do workshops as part of Criw Celf Programme at Llantarnam Grange.

However, I didn’t have to worry about it at all.  They were all not only enthusiastic but also sensible.

Here is the summary of the workshops.

There were two different types of workshops, responsive to the pupils age groups (primary: Year 5&6, secondary: Year 7-9). 

Pupils were offered to look at & touch wild plants as well as to use references about wildlife.

The theme for both groups was ‘Wildlife Surrounding Us & Paper Art’, which is my theme for my artwork.  I wanted them to connect to the nature, which we could easily find everywhere around us.

I brought books and posters for reference as well as real wild plants from my garden.  I wanted the pupils to see directly and touch the real plants.  I prepared natural materials (no plastic), such as pruned hazel branches from my garden.

The primary groups (Yr5&6): 3D Paper Sculpture

 were given an opportunity to use various kind of paper, from recycled paper to fine Japanese washi paper, thick & thin, rough & smooth, and in various colours.  Also, I showed various techniques of using paper such as cutting (of course), ripping, twisting etc. They created a 3D sculpture by using paper and natural materials.

The secondary groups: Papercutting

 have tried cutting paper with a cutting knife.  To finish, each papercut piece was put in a mountboard frame.

All pupils were so enthusiastic and creative.  They researched on wild plants and animals and interpreted their inspiration into wonderful unique artwork.  (See the pictures of some of them)  

Two hours for each session flew by very fast.  They concentrated on creating their own artwork, even didn’t need any break, which surprised me.

I had fantastic two weekends with fantastic talented young people.  In the end I would like to thank Louise, the senior education officer, and Beckie, education assistant of Llantarnam Grange.  They supported and encouraged me from the beginning to the end.  I cannot thank them enough.  Also, I would like to thank Bob Gelsthorpe, who suggested me for Crif Celf Programme at Llantarnam Grange!

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